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Watch the WLNY tv10/55 newsclip from August 14, 2008

Recently, a long-time client and devoted cat lover went to the island of St. Maarten on vacation. She began feeding the friendly stray cats around the hotel and was stunned to find out that these lovely animals were considered a nuisance and were scheduled to be rounded up and euthanized. She immediately set about rescuing and adopting a cat to take home with her, but could not stand the thought of leaving the others behind. She, with help from a rescue organization on the island headed by Jacqueline Kenny, has arranged for 25 cats and older kittens to be tested for Feline Leukemia Virus and FIV, vaccinated for Feline Distemper and Rabies, and transported to the United States for adoption. Merrick Veterinary Group currently houses the cats. All of these cats will be examined, dewormed, spayed or neutered if necessary, and given booster vaccinations at no charge prior to going to their new 'forever homes'. There is no adoption fee to take home any of these cats.  

Please consider adopting a cat today. If you are unable to adopt one, please spread the word around to family, friends and neighbors that may be interested in adopting one or even more of these very sweet cats and kittens. 

There are no animal shelters in St. Maarten. Animals roam the streets starving, looking for food. Most owners do not spay or neuter their pets, and animal abuse is widespread. With your help, these cats can finally find a safe, loving home, where they won't ever have to search for food or a comfortable place to sleep again.

Here are the descriptions of all of the cats that we have adopted into new forever homes:

Adorable - Adorable is a female that was found as a kitten at the Royal Islander Club. She has been waiting for adoption at a vet clinic in St, Maarten since May of this year. She is a very sweet kitty and wants to be loved. She may be a sibling of Julie (see description below).

Ava - Ava is a female cat that had a litter of several kittens. She and her kittens were brought to a veterinary clinic in St. Maarten. They were all put up for adoption, with no success. Ava has been sitting in a cage with her babies for a long time. Most likely, she would never be adopted in St. Maarten because she is a young adult cat, and most people want to adopt young kittens. Ava is very sweet and craves attention.

Cali - Cali is a female cat that loves a good belly rub. How many cats can you say that about? She is a sweetheart that will run to the door when you come home, looking for attention. She lived and dined with the guests at the Maho Resort. Cali will make friends with any cat and any new family as long as you rub her belly. Her best friend on the island was Saro (see description below). Please be the family to give her a great home.

Chris - Chris is a young male kitten and very scared. He was a regular in the parking lot of the Maho Resort, and was often found scavenging for food. Chris will need some time to realize that his new parents will always be nice to him. Please consider working with Chris to calm his fears and give him a loving home.

Citrus - Citrus is a female cat and was a resident of the Maho Resort for a long time. She used to hang out by herself at one of the pools. She is very sweet and loves to sit on your lap. Citrus will not need an invitation to jump up on your couch and sit with you. We hope you will give this deserving kitty a good home. She has been without one for so long.

David - David is a young male kitten and very handsome! He was a regular in the parking lot of the Maho Resort. David is a little nervous, but would make a wonderful addition to any family. Please consider adopting him today!

Georgia - Georgia is a very shy female kitty. She needs reassurance that she will be loved. We think Georgia was a mommy even though she was found without kittens. She lived at the Royal Islander Club where she had to beg for food. She needs a loving home. She is starting to come out of her shell, and definately loves her playtime!

Jenn - Jenn is a female cat that had a small litter of kittens. She and her 2 kittens were brought to a veterinary clinic in St. Maarten. She has lived in a small cage with her kittens for a long time. Jenn is very affectionate, loves to rub up against people, and craves attention. She also loves to put her head in your hand. We hope you will adopt her and give her the love and attention she deserves.

Julie - Julie is a female and was found as a kitten at the Royal Islander Club. She has been waiting patiently for adoption at a vet clinic in St. Maarten. She is a very sweet kitty and loves to play. She may be a sibling of Adorable (see description above). Please give her a wonderful home.

Kathy - Little Kathy was homeless. She joined a small group of kitties at Aquamarina Condos. Many people there do not like residents feeding the stray cats. Finding a home for them is a priority because they are in danger there. Kathy is sweet and happy to be loved once she gets to know you. She is anxiously awaiting her new forever home.

Lily - Lily is a female cat that was picked up in front of Mullet Bay Towers. Lily is the cat that pushes others out of the way for attention. She loves to cuddle with you while you sleep. She is very sweet and loves to play with toys. Please adopt her and become her new playmate.

Magic - Magic is a young male. He is very friendly and ready for a good home. Black cats are hard to get adopted in St. Maarten because local people believe that if you own a black cat you are practicing voodoo! Magic will not be doing any voodoo, but he is sure to bring magic into your life.

Maple - Maple is a older male cat that adopted the residents of Aquamarina condos. They believe that he was dumped outside by someone that lived in the complex, but they are not sure. When he was found he was emaciated, but is recovering now. Maple was not interested in socializing with the other stray cats because he just wanted to be near people. He is very sweet and needs a good forever home.

Nicola - Nicola is a young male. We don't know much about his history. We do know that he likes to play and loves other kitties. He lived with Magic, Julie and Adorable (see descriptions above). He tried to push his way out of the cage when people came to visit him. He is looking for a loving home.

Oreo - Oreo is a male kitty and was a resident at the Royal Islander Club. The ladies from N.Y. would come down and visit him often. His visiting mommy is so happy he is going to a good home. Oreo is very friendly and loves to be held. Oreo is very social and loves other kitties. He is a small little guy and deserves a great home.

Paulie - Paulie is a young male kitty. He is very shy, but sweet and needs to be loved. Paulie had to beg for food from the guests at the Royal Islander Club. Please adopt him so that he no longer has to worry about his next meal.

Petunia - Petunia is a young female and was emaciated and very fragile when she was found at Mullet Bay Towers. She is recovering now, but she needs a forever home where she will never have to go hungry again. Please consider adopting her today.

Precious - Precious is a sweet little girl. She is a little bit shy, but loves to be held and petted. She was also a beggar at the Royal Islander Club. Please give her a chance at a life in a loving, caring home.

Saro - Saro is a beautiful young male cat from the Maho Resort. Whenever he was spotted, Cali (see description above) was not far behind. They love each other and love people. Saro used to dine with the guests and sunbathe at the hotel. Saro is not shy and will rub up against you. He loves to be petted and cuddled. He is very social and now needs a forever home. 

Snuggles - Snuggles is a male kitty, and he got his name for a reason!  He is very friendly and gets along well with other kitties. He rubs up against the cage, sticks his paws out to get attention and 'makes muffins' with his paws when you pet him. He is a wonderful cat, and he needs a caring home.

Sparky - Sparky is a shy, sweet male kitty. He is calm and a good cuddler. Sparky was found with Taz (see description below). He needs a good home.

Stevie - Stevie is a young male cat, found at the Royal Islander Club. He is very sweet, playful and he loves to have his belly rubbed. He adores his playmate Vanessa (see description below) and would love to go to his forever home with her.

Taz - Taz is a young male and was named after the Tasmanian Devil. Initially he was very afraid and hissed at people. He became friendly after getting to know people and is actually a sweet cat. He is friendly with Petunia, Sparky and Velvet (see descriptions above and below).

Vanessa - Vanessa is a young female cat, found at the Royal Islander Club. She is a real cuddler and can be held like a baby. She is shy, but very sweet and loves to purr. She will take some time to get to know you, but once she does she will make a wonderful companion.

Velvet - Velvet is a young female. She was very shy and it took a long time for her to trust people. Eventually she allowed herself to be petted while she ate. Now she purrs the minute someone touches her. She needs to find a loving home.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to WLNY tv10/55 and Q104.3 DJ Maria Milito for their help and support in getting all of these cats new, wonderful and loving homes.

We would also like to thank all of the wonderful people that have opened up their hearts and their homes to the St. Maarten cats. We have received many donations from kind pet lovers to support the care of these cats and now all 25 cats have found new homes on Long Island.  

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